Providing only the best and most reputable products on the market, our exceptional level of quality is maintained by installing all of our own systems, using our own experienced in-house teams. We provide our services from the Sunshine Coast all the way down to Northern NSW.

Solar has never been more affordable & we offer no interest payment plans on all of our systems. Government rebates are in place until 30th June 2014 so call us today on (07) 55 560 951.

Why Solar?

  • Generate your OWN ELECTRICITY
  • SAVE MONEY by reducing or totally getting rid of your electricity bill
  • If you generate more power than you are using you can MAKE MONEY
  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT by using this renewable energy solution.

How does Solar work?

The panels mounted on your roof contain Photovoltaic Cells, also known as Solar Cells. When Sunlight falls on these cells they convert the sun’s energy into DC (Direct Current) power.

The DC power than travels down a cable connected to your inverter. From here your Inverter converts your DC power into 240V AC (Alternating Current) Power (which is what you use in your home).

The solar electricity delivered by the inverter is consumed first inside the house – only the excess portion goes into the power distribution grid, this is where you can make money. On the other hand, if the energy demand within the house exceeds the amount currently provided by the PV plant, then the additional amount required is automatically drawn from the grid, which is where you decrease your electricity bill. 

The unit kW payment amount for electricity fed to the grid varies per state and per electricity provider……….So shop around!!!

Government Incentives

  • On 16th November 2012, the Australian Government announced that the solar credits multiplier would be phased out for small-scale systems installed from 1st January 2013. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) will remain till the 30th June 2014, then the government will no longer provide Australians with financial incentives in renewable energy
  • STCs are electronic certificates which are created when eligible solar power systems are installed.
    How many STCs you receive from the government depends on the size of the system installed and the location it is installed at.
  • When you purchase a solar system from Mason Electrical Industries we can assign your STCs for a point of sale discount to make life easy for you. We take on the hassle of the paperwork needed to claim your STCs, to keep the whole process as simple as possible for you.
  • So jump on board now and take advantage while the government Is still providing some incentives before it becomes too late. Time is ticking away!!!
  • For more information on the Solar Bonus scheme Click Here

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